Darren Kriticos
Principal Research Scientist
Ecosystem Sciences, CSIRO, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship


Darren Kriticos is a principal research scientist with CSIRO and an adjunct professor at Charles Sturt University, Australia. He is an ecological modeler with an interest in applying models to address resource allocation questions for biosecurity and pest management under current and future climates. Darren is a co-developer of the CLIMEX and DYMEX software packages. He completed a B.Sc. in political economy and the environment in 1987 form Griffith University; a Masters degree in environmental studies from the University of Adelaide, and a Ph.D. form the University of Queensland simulating the effects of climate change on woody weeds. Through INSTEPP and the HarvestChoice project, Darren is able to combine his interests in ecology and applied economics. Darren has spent the last five years extending bioclimatic niche modelling techniques to improve their ability to estimate the impacts of invasive pests, weeds and diseases.