Kevin Silverstein
Scientific Lead, RIS Informatics Analyst
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota


Kevin Silverstein is Scientific Lead for the Research Informatics Solutions (RIS) group at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. He is an expert in bioinformatic analyses involving comparative genomics and systems biology. He has worked extensively integrating data from many omics platforms to elucidate biological knowledge in nearly all kingdoms of life (e.g., bacteria, fungi, plants, and mammals). Previously, he led an effort in Precision Medicine with the University of Minnesota's Department of Lab Medicine and Pathology and Fairview Hospital to offer clinical diagnostic tests to patients based on next-generation sequencing technologies. After turning over that successful operation to other capable hands at RIS, he has begun a new venture collaborating with U of M researchers in CFANS to lead the computational efforts for their new strategic alliance in Precision Agriculture.