W. Burt Sundquist
Professor Emeritus
Department of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota


W. Burt Sundquist, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, has over 60 years of professional experience in agricultural economics at the University of Minnesota and in service of the federal government. The first fifteen years of his career were with the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He spent eight years posted to two land grant universities, and six years in Washington, D.C. in an administrative position, the last two years as Deputy Administrator of the Economic Research Service. For the past 40 years, he has been a faculty member of the University of Minnesota's Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, serving eight of those years as the Department Head.

Throughout his professional career, Dr. Sundquist worked on production economics and farm policy issues at the farm, regional, national, and international levels. Much of his work has been interdisciplinary with the other agricultural sciences. Professor Sundquist's production economics work has also always had a food and agricultural policy component. He has also given special attention to technology assessment, agricultural research policy and the economics of biotechnology, and given leadership to an interregional research project on national agricultural research planning, analysis and evaluation.

During his tenure as Department Head, Professor Sundquist initiated and administered the “Twin Cities Agricultural Issues Round Table.” These monthly luncheon meetings featured speakers from government, agribusiness and academics. Topics for discussion included a broad range of agricultural, trade and technology policies. Round Table attendance usually ranged from 20 to 45 persons mainly from the agribusiness and University communities. Objectives of the Round Table were to promote communication and interchange within these communities.