[Burkina Faso] Enquete Nationale de Statistiques Agricoles E.N.S.A. 1993, Rapport General, Direction des Statistiques Agro-pastorales

Cover Burkina Faso 1993


Burkina Faso, Ministere de L'Agriculture et des Ressources Animales, (June 1996)

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This report presents the results of the 1993 census of agriculture for Burkina Faso.


  • Agricultural Population by: Age, Sex, Main Activity, Secondary Activity
  • Agricultural Production by: Household Size, Age, Level of Education of Household Head, Supervisory Status of the Household Head
  • Agricultural Production by: Number of Livestock, Cultivated Area
  • Equipment and Inputs by:  Household Size, Age, Level of Education of the Household Head,  Supervisory Status of the Household Head, Number of Livestock, Cultivated Area
  • Agricultural Households by: Number of Persons, Number of Active Persons, Age of Household Head, Sex of Household Head, Structure of Household, Educational Level of Household Head, Number of Cultivated Plots, Number of Plows Owned, Number of Oxen Owned, Number of Donkeys Owned, Livestock
  • Agricultural Household Population :  Age, Sex, Level of Education
  • Active Agricultural Occupation by Rainy Season, Not Rainy Season:  Main Activity by Sex, Secondary Activity by Sex
  • Distribution of Plots of Agricultural Households by: Type of Farming Practiced, Type of Plot, Status of Parcel, Type of Terrain, Location, Number of Years under Cultivation, Last Time Fallow, Erosion, Practicing Row Planting, Practicing Agro-forestry, Tillage
  • Equipment by Type: Manual, Motorized
  • Draft Animals
  • Acquisition of Equipment, Acquisition Mode:  Manual, Motorized, Draft Animals
  • Livestock by: Sex of Owner
  • Farms with Livestock
  • Value of the Sale of Livestock and Poultry
  • Operating Expenses of Livestock
  • Average Yield of Crops
  • Crop Area
  • Crop Production
  • Quantity of Seed Purchased by: Method of Acquisition
  • Quantity of Products Purchased for Treating Crops, Urea, N.P.K
  • Quantity of Inputs Used

Crops: Millet, White Sorghum, Red Sorghum, Maize, Rice, Fonio, Peanuts, Cotton, Sesame, Soya, Cowpeas, Wandzou, Yams, Potatoes, Cassava

Livestock:  Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Chickens, Guinea Hens, Donkeys

Regions: Ban, Bazega, Bougouriba, Boulgou, Boulkiemde, Comoe, Ganzourgou, Gnagna, Gourma, Houet, Kadiogo, Kenedougou, Kossi, Kouritenga, Mouhoun, Nahouri, Namentenga, Oubritenga, Oudalan, Passore, Poni, Sanguie, Sanmatenga, Seno, Sissili, Soum, Sourou, Tapoa, Yatenga, Zoundweogo