"A Common View of the Opportunities, Challenges, and Research Actions for Pongamia in Australia"

Cover BioEnergy Research September 2012


Helen T. Murphy, Deborah A. O’Connell, Gary Seaton, R. John Raison, Luis C. Rodriguez, Andrew L. Braid, Darren J. Kriticos, Tom Jovanovic, Amir Abadi, Michael Betar, Heather Brodie, Malcolm Lamont, Marshall McKay, George Muirhead, Julie Plummer, Ni Luh Arpiwi, Brian Ruddle, Sagun Saxena, Paul T. Scott, Colin Stucley, Bob Thistlethwaite, Bradley Wheaton, Peter Wylie and Peter M. Gresshoff


BioEnergy Research 5 (3) (September 2012): 778-800