"Environmental, Technological and Institutional Factors in the Growth of Rice Production: Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan"

Cover FRIS 1967-7-3


S.C. Hsieh and Vernon W. Ruttan


Food Research Institute Studies 7 (3) (1967): 307-341

Reprinted in Comparative Experience of Agricultural Development in Developing Countries of Asia and the South-East since World War II, Papers and Proceedings of International Seminar held at New Delhi, October 25-28, 1971, (Bombay, India: Indian Society of Agricultural Economics (ISAE), 1972), pp. 59-72 and as Chapter 6 in Can Economic Growth Be Sustained? The Collected Papers of Vernon W. Ruttan and Yujiro Hayami, eds. Keijiro Otsuka and C. Ford Runge, (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2011), pp. 87-126