Ethiopian Agricultural Sample Enumeration, 2001/02 (1994 E.C.), Results at Country Level, Statistical Report on Farm Management Practices, Livestock and Farm Implements, Part II, Chapter VIII, Farm Implements, Draught Animals and Storage Facilities

Cover Ethiopia 2001/2002 Part 2 Chapter 8


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:  Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Central Agricultural Census Commission, (July 2003)

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In this chapter the classification of farm implements, farm equipment, draught animals and storage facilities are presented in Section 2. Brief discussions of data on Summary Tables VIII.1 to VIII.6 are also provided in Section 3. Statistical Tables presenting the census results at regional level are also given as Table series 8.1A - 8.35A and 8.1B - 8.35B. Finally, the estimates, Standard Errors (S.E.) and Coefficients of Variation (C.V.) on number of holders reporting, number of farm implements reported and total value are presented in the Annex Table to this chapter.


  • Number of Holders Reporting Owned, Quantity, Replacement Value and Duration of Service: Axe, Gejera, Shovel, Mekeskesha, Pick-Axe, Deger, Erfe (Handle), Plough-Beam, Plough-Tip (Metal), Wegel-Tip, Yoke, Sickle, Hay-Fork (Metal), Hay-Fork (Wood), Threshing Stick, Winnower (Metal, Wood), Cart. Sprayer (Hand Operated), Wheelbarrow
  • Number of Holders Reporting Owned, Quantity, Replacement Value, Average Age: Ass (for Ploughing), Camel (for Ploughing), Horse (for Ploughing), Mule (for Ploughing), Ox (for Ploughing), Ass (for Transportation/Threshing), Camel (for Transportation/Threshing), Cattle (for Transportation/Threshing), Horse (for Transportation/Threshing), Mule (for Transportation/Threshing)
  • Number of Holders Reporting Owned, Replacement Value, Quantity Reported, Storage Capacity: Debignit, Gottera, Gudguad, Modern Storage Facilities
  • Standard Errors and Coefficient of Variation

Regions: Ethiopia, Tigray, Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Somali, Benishangul-Gumuz, S.N.N.P. Region, Harari, Gambela, Dire Dawa Administrative Council, Addis Ababa City Administration