[Ethiopia] Agricultural Sample Survey 2006/07 (1999 E.C.) Volume II, Report on Livestock and Livestock Characteristics, (Private Peasant Holdings)

Cover Ethiopia 2006/2007 Vol 2


Statistical Bulletin 388, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Central Statistical Agency, (February 2007)

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In this report: estimates of livestock that include cattle, sheep, goats, draught animals (horses, mules, donkeys and camels), poultry and beehives were made based on the information obtained from the holders within the sampled agricultural households in rural sedentary areas of the country as to the reference date (November 10, 2006 or Hidar 1, 1999 E.C.) and reference period (November 11, 2005 to November 10, 2006 or Hidar 2, 1998 E.C. to Hidar 1, 1999 E.C.). The report comprises the results obtained from the livestock survey as well as brief discussions made on the results. The survey results at regional and zonal levels for the usual sedentary rural areas are presented in Statistical Tables 3.1 - 3.30 whilst results for resettlement areas are obtainable from Statistical Tables 4.1 - 4.15. The standard errors (SE) and coefficients of variation (CV) are given in Annex Tables 1 – 10, for some variables.


  • Number of Livestock
  • Number by Age and Sex of Animal
  • Number by Purpose
  • Number by Breed
  • Number of Poultry by Type and Breed
  • Number of Beehives
  • Number of Births, Purchases, and Acquired Animals
  • Numbers of Sales, Slaughters, Deaths, and Offered Animals
  • Number of Dairy Animals, Milk Production, and Lactation
  • Honey Production
  • Egg Production
  • Number of Vaccinated Livestock
  • Number of Livestock Afflicted by Disease, Died from Disease
  • Number of Animals Died from Other Causes
  • Number of Livestock Treated
  • Number of Holdings by Size
  • Animal Feed Practices of Peasant Holders,  Source and Type of Feed
  • Number of Holders Practiced Livestock Extension Packages
  • Poultry Inventory
  • Estimates of Livestock, Standard Errors and Coefficients of Variation

Livestock: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Donkeys, Mules, Camels, Poultry, Beehives

Regions: Ethiopia, Tigray, North West Tigray, Central Tigray, Eastern Tigray, Southern Tigray, Western Tigray, Afar, Zone 1, Zone 2, Amhara, North Gonder, South Gonder, North Wolo, South Wolo, North Shewa, East Gojam, West Gojam, Waghamera, Awi, Oromia,  West Wellega, East Wellega, Illubabor, Jimma, West Shewa, North Shewa, East Shewa, Arsi, West Harerghe, East Harerghe, Bale, Borena, South West Shewa, Guji, West Arsi, Kelem Wellega, Horoguduru Wellaga, Somale, Shinele, Jijiga, Liben, Benishangul-Gumuz, Metekel, Asosa, Kemeshi,  SNNP, Gurage, Hadiya, Kembata Tembaro, Sidama, Gedio, Wolayita, South Omo, Shaka (Sheka), Kaffa, Gamo Gofa, Bench Maji, Yem Special Wereda, Amaro Special Wereda, Burji Special Wereda, Konso Special Wereda, Derashe Special Wereda, Dawro, Basketo Special Wereda, Konta Special Wereda, Silte, Alaba Special Wereda, Harari, Hundene, Addis Ababa, Zone 3, Zone 6, Dire Dawa