[Niger] Recensement General de L'Agriculture et du Cheptel (RGAC 2005/2007), Volume II Resultats Definitifs (Volet Cheptel)

Cover Niger 2005/2007 Vol 2


Republique du Niger, Ministere du Developpement Agricole, Ministere des Ressources Animales, (June 2007)

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This report from the General Census of Agriculture and Livestock for Niger 2005/2007 presents information on the livestock sector. It includes information on the three different methods practiced in Niger: breeding sedentary, nomadic and transhumant livestock.


  • Proportion of Heads of Farm Households by Gender of Household Head and Household Size
  • Sex Ratio by Age
  • Distribution of Farm Households by: Main Household Activity, Sex of Household Head
  • Livestock Numbers
  • Nomadic Livestock Numbers and Herders, Herd Size
  • Number of Farmers and Transhumant Livestock Numbers
  • Distribution of Transhumant Livestock and Destination of Herd
  • Distribution of Agricultural Population by Sex and Age
  • Number of Livestock by Farming System: Sedentary, Nomadic, Transhumant
  • Distribution of Livestock Breeders and  Vaccination
  • Distribution of Farmers by: Deworming, Mode of Feeding. Fattening, Reproductive Selection

Livestock: Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Camels, Donkeys

Regions: Agadez, Diffa, Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua, Tillabery, Zinder, Niamey, Tchirozerine, Arlit, Bilma, Maine-Soroa, N'Guigmi, Boboye, Dogodoutchi, Gaya, Loga, Niamey 1, Niamey 2, Niamey 3, Madarounfa, Aguie, Dakoro, Guidan Roumdji, Mayahi, Tessaoua, Abalak, Birmin Konni, Bouza, Illela, Keita, Madaoua, Tchintabaraden, Tillaberi, Filingue, Kollo, Ouallam, Say, Tera, Mirriah, Goure, Magaria, Matameye, Tanout