"Prospects for Research and Development in the Agricultural Sector"

Documents of the Round Table on Rural Competitiveness


Reed Hertford, Philip G. Pardey and Stanley R. Wood


Chapter in Special Report No. 6, Documents of the Round Table on Rural Competitiveness, March 25, 2004, Lima, Peru, (Washington, DC: Regional Fund for Agricultural Technology (FONTAGRO) and Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), December 2004), pp.9-52

Alternate title in report: "A Strategic Look at Agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean: Prospects for Research and Development"

Also published in Spanish: "Perspectivas de Investigación y Desarrollo del Sector Agropecuario, in Documentos de la Mesa Redonda Sobre Competitividad Rural."  Alternate title: "Panorama Estratégico del Sector Agropecuario en América Latina y El Caribe: Perspectivas de Investigación y "Desarrollo."