Protocol for Mapping Endangered Areas Taking Climate, Climate Change, Biotic and Abiotic Factors, Land Use and Economic Impacts into Account Accessed Via a Hyperlink in a Project Web Page and Integrated into the Web-Based EPPO PRA Scheme

Cover Pratique 212459


Richard Baker, Jan Benninga, Johan Bremmer, Sarah Brunel, Maxime Dupin, Dominic Eyre, Zhenya Ilieva, Vojtech Jarosik, Hella Kehlenbeck, Darren Kriticos, David Makowski, Jan Pergl, Philippe Reynaud, Christelle Robinet, Tarek Soliman, Wopke Van der Werf and Susan Worner


Pratique 212459, Deliverable Number 3.3, EU Framework 7, Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques, June 23, 2011