[Rwanda] Resultats de L'enquete Nationale Agricole 1984, Tableaux Croises (Suite), Rapport 1 - Volume 2

Cover Rwanda 1984 Report 1 Vol 2


Republique Rwandaise, Ministere de l'Agriculture, de L'Elevage et des Forets, (March 1986)

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This second volume from the National Agricultural Survey for Rwanda, 1984, presents cross tabulations for a subset of the main characteristics of the agricultural sector.


  • Percentage Distribution of Agricultural Population by Sex and Age, the Ability to Read and Write and the Level of Education by Sex and Age of Head of Household
  • Type of Equipment Possessed
  • Habitat Characteristics and Structures for Animals
  • Rented Fields and Reason for Renting
  • Fields:  Cultivated, Non-cultivated, Fallow for Two Years of Use
  • Percentage Distribution of Holdings with Livestock, Average Number of Animals per Farm by Type of Livestock, Main Method of Housing
  • Distribution of Cultivated Crops by Type, System, Percentage
  • Use of Fields, Fields Non-cultivated for Two Years
  • Characteristics of Cultivated Fields, Fallow Fields, Non-cultivated Fields, (Distance to Field, Field Slope, Location of the Field on the Hill, Soil Protection, Improvement of the Field, Total Area Cultivated and Fallow, Field Does Not Belong to the Operator, Number of Years of Cultivation,  Decrease in Productivity of the Field, Reasons for the Decrease
  • Distribution of Cultivated Land
  • Use of Non-cultivated Fields: Pasture, Forest
  • Crop Production
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms by Type of Commercial Activity and the Primary Person Exercising the Activity by the Number of People in the Household: Purchasing, Selling
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms and the Total Area of ​​Farms by Size Class, Number of People Managed, Number of Assets Managed
  • Size and Fragmentation of Farms by the Number of People Managed, Number of Assets Managed
  • Characteristics of the Farm Manager
  • Number and Percentage of Farmers by Crop
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms by the Number of People in the Household
  • Value of Food and Coffee Production
  • Caloric Value of Food and Coffee Production
Crops:  Bananas, Peanuts, Soybeans, Peas, Sorghum Wheat, Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Cassava, Coffee, Finger Millet, Rice, Taro, Yam, Pineapple, Fruit Trees, Sugar Cane, Pyrethrum, Quinquina, Tea, Tobacco, Legumes, Cereals, Tubers
Livestock: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats
Regions: Rwanda