[Rwanda] Resultats De L'Enquete Nationale Agricole 1984, Volume 1

Cover Rwanda 1984 Vol 1


Kigali, Rwanda: Republique Rwandaise, Ministere de l'Agriculture, de L'Elevage et des Forets, (1985)

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This report provides the methodology and results from the 1984 survey of national agriculture for Rwanda.


  • Distribution of Farms, Agricultural Population,  by Characteristics of the Household Head (Number and Percentage): Sex, Age, Method of Management, Ability to Read and Write, Education
  • Distribution of Farms Percentage by Number of Persons Managed, Number of Assets Managed
  • Number and Percentage of Farm Operators with Crops
  • Percentage Distribution of the Category of Persons Primarily Engaged in Crop Production by Crop
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms and Average Farm by Type of Equipment Possessed, Habitat and Structures for Animals, Type of Animal Stalling
  • Distribution of Farms Engaged in Livestock and Average Number of Animals per Farm, Person Principally Engaged in Livestock Care
  • Livestock: Number by Sex, Age
  • Variations in Livestock Inventory
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms by Type of Business Activity and the Person Primarily Exercising the Activity
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms by Locations of Walking (Distance, Frequency, Visits) Most Frequented by  Household Member
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms Renting Fields and Reasons for Renting
  • Percentage Distribution of Rented Fields and Reasons for Renting
  • Percentage Distribution of Farms and the Total Area of ​​Farms by Size Classes
  • Size and Fragmentation of Farms
  • Field Use: Grown, Fallowed, Non-cultivated
  • Distribution of Cultivated Land by Type of Crop
  • Use of Non-cultivated Fields: Forest, Pasture
  • Characteristics of Cultivated Field, Fallow Fields, Non-cultivated Fields (Percentage of the Area): Distance to Field, Slope, Location, Soil Protection, Improvement, Ownership, Number of Years under Cultivation, Productivity Decline, Reasons for Declining
  • Crop Production: Quantity, Percentage, Average per Farm, Average per Crop
  • Number and Percentage of Farms Harvesting Crops
  • Monetary Value of Crop Production
  • Sampling Errors

Crops: Bananas, Beans, Peas, Peanuts, Soybeans, Sorghum, Maize, Wheat, Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Coffee, Potatoes, Apples

Livestock: Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cows, Heifers, Oxen, Bulls, Calves, Kids, Rams, Lambs, Boars, Sows, Piglets

Regions: Rwanda, Butare, Byumba, Cyangugu, Gikongoro, Gisenyi, Gitarama, Kibungo, Kibuye, Kibali, Ruhenberi, Imbo, Impara, B L Kivu, Terre Lave, Crete Z-Nil, H.T. Bube, Plat Cent, Dors Gran, Mayaga, Bugesera, Plat Est, Sav Est, Nord Ouest, Sud Ouest, Centre Nord, Centre Sud, EST