[Senegal] Recensement National de l'Agriculture 1998-99, Volume 2, Repertoire des Villages d'Apres le Pre-recensement de l'Agriculture 1997-98

Cover Senegal 1998/1999 Vol 2


Republique du Senegal Ministere de L'Agriculture, Organisation des Nations Unies pour L'Alimentation et L'Agriculture (FAO), (August 1999)

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This report from the Senegal pre-Census of Agriculture for 1997 to 1998 consists of a directory of villages with a number of variables for each village. These variables include: attached hamlets, rural concessions, male and female household heads, male and female farm household heads, agricultural rural households practicing rainfed agriculture, agricultural rural households engaged in vegetable and fruit production, agricultural rural households engaged in the harvesting of forest resources, farm rural households with livestock, and rural households engaged in fishing.


  • Number of Concessions
  • Rural Household Heads
  • Gender
  • Households Practicing: Rainfed Agriculture, Vegetable Production, Fruit Production, Harvesting Forest Resources, Livestock Production, Fishing

Regions: Senegal, Dakar, Diourbel, Saint-Louis, Tambacounda, Kaolack, Thies, Louga, Fatick, Kolda, Rufisque, Bambey, Mbacke, Dagana, Matam, Podor, Bakel, Kedougou, Kaffrine, Nioro, Mbour, Tivaouane, Kebemer, Linguere, Foundiougne, Sedhiou, Velingara