[South Africa] Agricultural Survey 1986; Landbou-opname 1986

Cover South Africa 1986


Report 11-01-01 (1986); Verslag 11-01-01 (1986), Republic of South Africa, Central Statistical Service, (July 1988)

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This report contains the results of the second sample survey on agriculture undertaken for South Africa in respect of 1986.


  • Farming Units: Number and Area
  • Employment: Working Proprietors/Tenants/Family Members, Paid Employees (Regular, Casual, Domestic and Garden)
  • Employee Remuneration: Cash Wages, Salaries and Cash Bonuses, Other Remuneration including Payments in Kind and Free Housing 
  • Expenditures:  Current, Capital (Equipment Purchased (New, Used), New Buildings Erected, New Development Work Undertaken)
  • Value of Farm Products Sold
  • Market Value of Farming Assets: Land and Improvements, Vehicles/Machinery/Equipment/Tools, Animals and Poultry
  • Farming Debt
  • Whites, Coloureds, Asians, Blacks
  • Current Expenditures:  Seed and Plant Material, Stock and Poultry Feed, Packing Materials, Fertilizers, Remedies for Combating Diseases and Pests, Transport, Veterinary Services,  Materials, Contractors, Repairs, Electricity, Licence Fees, Insurance Premiums, Tax, Interest, Rental, Rations, Use of Fruit and Grazing Rights Paid
  • Gross Income from Sale of Agricultural Products: Crops, Animal and Animal Products, Game and Fish Breeding and Hunting and Fishing, Forestry Products
  • Farm Size Groups

Crops: Summer Cereals, Winter Cereals,  Sugar-cane,  Fruit/Nuts/Coffee/Tea, Vine-Growing Fruit,  Potatoes and Vegetables

Regions: South Africa, Cape, Natal, Transvaal, Orange Free State, Development Regions, Statistical Regions