[South Africa] Agricultural Survey, 1992; Landbou-opname, 1992

Cover South Africa 1992


CSS Report 11-01-01 (1992); SSD-Verslag 11-01-01 (1992), Pretoria, South Africa: Republic of South Africa, Central Statistical Service, (October 1994)

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This report contains the results of the sample survey on agriculture undertaken in respect of 1992 for South Africa. The data contained were raised to reflect information for agriculture as a whole by development and statistical regions.


  • Farming Units: Number, Area
  • Employment: Working Proprietors/Tenants/Family Members, Paid Employees (Regular, Casual/Seasonal, Whites, Coloureds, Asians, Blacks)
  • Employee Remuneration: Wages/Salaries/Cash Bonuses
  • Gross Income Earned from Agricultural Products (Field Crop Products, Horticultural Products, Animal and Animal Products, Forestry Products)
  • Expenditures:  Current (Seed and Plant Material, Stock and Poultry Feed, Fertilisers, Packing Materials, Remedies for Combating Diseases and Pests, Transport, Veterinary Services, Materials to Repair and Maintain Buildings/Dams/Fences, Machinery Maintenance and Repair, Electricity, Licence Fees, Water Tax, Local Tax, Interest, Insurance, Rent, Rations), Capital (Vehicles, Tractors, Combines), New Buildings Erected, New Development Work Undertaken
  • Market Value of Farming Assets: Land and Improvements, Vehicles/Machinery/Equipment/Tools, Animals and Poultry
  • Farming Debt: Type of Obligation, Creditors, Solvency Ratios, Debt Ratio
  • Type of Farming Enterprise
  • Farming Units by Size
  • Employment Size Groups
  • Income Size Groups
  • Dominant Branches of Farming

Crops: Viticulture, Deciduous Fruit, Subtropical Fruit, Citrus, Potatoes and Vegetables,

Regions: South Africa, Cape, Natal, Transvaal, Orange Free State