[South Africa] Agricultural Surveys 2008 and 2009 (Preliminary)

Cover South Africa 2008/2009 Preliminary


Statistical Release P1101, Pretoria, South Africa: Statistics South Africa, (June 2011)


This Census report for South Africa includes information on gross farm income, employment, expenditures, losses, assets, and debt.


  • Gross Farming Income (Field Crops, Horticultural Products, Animals and Animal Products)
  • Employment (Remuneration, Wages and Salaries, Number of Paid Employees)
  • Expenditures (Current, Capital, Purchases of Animals and Animal Products)
  • Farming Debt
  • Losses and Expenditures Due to Disasters, Accidents, Absenteeism, Theft and Other Crimes
  • Land and Book Value of Assets
  • Distribution of Farming Debt by Type of Obligation
  • Distribution of Farming Debt by Type of Creditor
  • Number of Full-time Employees According to Occupation