"Usher and Schumpeter on Invention, Innovation and Technological Change"

Cover QJE Nov 1959


Vernon W. Ruttan


Quarterly Journal of Economics 73 (4) (November 1959): 596-606

See also P. R. Schweitzer "Comment," and V. W. Ruttan, "Reply," Quarterly Journal of Economics 75 (1) (February 1961): 152-156

Also published in The Economics of Technological Change, Selected Readings, ed. Nathan Rosenberg, (Penguin Books, 1971)

Also published as "Usher y Schumpeter en la Invención, la Innovación y el Cambio Tecnológico," Chapter 3 in Lecturas Economía del Cambio Tecnológico 31, ed. Nathan Rosenberg, (Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1979), pp. 66-77